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Sun Digital Helps Arnette House And The Environment

Posted by on Feb 11, 2013 in Blog, eRecycle Events, News | 0 comments

Sun Digital Helps Arnette House And The Environment

Sun Digital Kicks Off 2013 With A Bang

Sun Digital, Inc., Information Technology and Cloud Specialists, kicks off 2013 with a bang, helping the Arnette House and the environment in Ocala, Florida. On January 16th, Sun Digital held an eRecycle Charity Drive to benefit the Arnette House.  The event raised $500 to go towards the Arnette House’s Silent Auction and Benefit to be held at Jumbolair on Saturday, March 16th.

This is Sun Digital’s seventh eRecycle event. The recent event kept 1,324 pounds of electronic waste out of local landfills. On February 4th, 2013, the Star Banner featured Sun Digital and the event in the Community section of the Sunday paper.  Sun Digital is honored and proud to be recognized by the Star Banner for supporting local Marion County charities and the environment.  Sun Digital would like to thank our recycling partner, Recycle All Electronics, for their support and seamless logistics of collecting the electronics on the event day.   RAE set up the collection truck and drop-off area in the Concord Building parking lot and assisted in unloading of donations as people drove through the drop off location. (more…)

3 Situations When a Business Should Consider Moving Into The Cloud

Posted by on Oct 3, 2012 in Blog | 0 comments

3 Situations When a Business Should Consider Moving Into The Cloud

Quite often business owners will ask Sun Digital “When should we consider moving into the cloud?” There are three optimum scenarios where moving into a cloud solution is clearly the best and most cost effective choice for small and medium sized businesses.

First, is when you start a new business and  have no technology infrastructure. Before hosted cloud solutions were readily available, in order for a business to get an office set up with email, business applications and IT infrastructure like servers, it would cost around $10K for the minimum technology needed.  With Hosted Cloud Solutions, there is no up front investment in servers and other back bone infrastructure.  Hosted Cloud Solutions present a flat monthly rate and provide businesses with the same top of the line technology a large company would have. (more…)

Top 10 Questions SMB’s Have About The Cloud

Posted by on Jul 20, 2012 in Blog, Cloud Solution, Cut IT Costs, Electronics Recycling, Server Redundacy, Virtualization | 0 comments

Top 10 Questions SMB’s Have About The Cloud


The 10 Top Questions On A Business Owners Mind When Considering Cloud Solutions

Over the past 5 years of providing cloud solutions to our clients we have found that the same questions are commonly asked that we have summarized below.

1.  Is my data and systems secure in the cloud?- The answer is yes,  Virtualization technology is what makes the cloud run, which is inherently safer than a traditional server environment.

  • A virtual server can hold 7x as much as a traditional server
  • Fewer points of entry into your network for malicious intent
  • Fewer servers to monitor, making it easier to access and fix a security breach
  • See server redundancy question for additional security benefits

2.  How do you backup our data in the cloud?

  • Backups are frequent and automated.
  •  There is no human error element, that for example “Bob” from IT was sick today and no else changed the tapes. Back-ups are sent digitally offsite to another location. This means your data is better protected against natural and man-made disasters, like hurricanes, fire or theft.
  • Data/System recovery is much faster.  If something were to happen to your data in the cloud, that data can easily be recovered and brought back online (more…)