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Website Design

Website Design and Online Planning

Websites are now a necessity in doing business on and offline.  80% of consumers will research products and services online, prior to purchasing offline according to a 2011 Google research survey.  This means not only do you need a website but your website should rank on the first page of Google and other search engines if your business is going to become a part of the consumer research phase.

A business website is no longer about providing consumers/customers with generic information about your products or service. It is about providing relevant information that addresses their need in as few clicks as possible.  A website’s usability is just an important as the design.  According to the “4 Second Rule” a website has 4 Seconds to entice a website visitor to read on or navigate to other pages within your website. If a visitor cannot find what they are looking for, they will simply move on to the next website in their search.

Website Design in the post 2.0 social media world must factor in:

      • Attractive Design
      • Clear Simple Navigation
      • Relevant and Helpful Content Specific To A Target Audience/Customer
      • Search Engine Optimization
      • Social Media Integration

Without considering all of the above you risk losing customers to a competitor.  Think back to the last time you were doing research online looking for a product or service, how much time did you spend on the websites you found?

Sun Digital and partner MC i-Marketing Solutions, Online Marketing Specialists, work with businesses to understand their products or services and the optimum way to communicate online to the target audience of the businesses products/services. This partnership promotes a comprehensive approach to website design and marketing together under one roof, allowing business owners become successful online.  Schedule a complimentary website audit or competitive review today.