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Managed IT Services

Get Back To Running Your Company, Instead Of Your IT Department With Managed IT Solutions!

 More than ever business owners are being challenged to increase productivity and at the same time reduce costs. Managed IT Services provide business owners with a cost effective solution for maintaining their IT system for a flat monthly fee.

Managed IT Services For Businesses With No Onsite IT Person

Transferring the support of IT systems to an outside IT company allows business owners to get back to running their company and not their IT department!

Technology is an integral part of most businesses and if not running properly it can cause havoc on your organization. IT systems that are not properly maintained can cause extensive downtime, critical data loss, or the inability to conduct business.  All of these scenarios can equate to not only huge losses in your staff’s time and productivity but also in your company’s reputation with your customers, all of which impact your bottom line.

Managed IT Services, provides business with a “security blanket” for your technology.  With IT experts monitoring your IT system 24/7, maintaining your servers and computers, applying software patches and preventing security breaches to your network; gives business owners peace of mind that they can come into the office and run their business rather than the IT department.

The Sun Digital Managed IT Solution includes:

  • 24/7/365  System Monitoring

Sun Digital’s IT Managed Services protects your business in the Ocala, Gainesville and Central Florida area. Our team of certified technology specialists are experts in managing networks, as well as computers support. Our technology specialists can serve as your complete IT support team or as an extension to your current IT team. Whether you prefer Sun Digital to manage your IT needs on-site at your facility or in our self-owned and operated data center, we can customize the right solution for your company.  Get back to running your company!

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