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Technology Evaluation & Planning

Sun Digital Helps Businesses Choose New Technology That Enables Business Objectives

If you are like most businesses, you hear about some new software or piece of hardware that will help enable your business objectives but you have no idea in how to integrate it into your current IT system.  Technology Evaluation and PlanningDon’t rely on the software or hardware sales person to recommend an integration strategy.  After all, they are sales people, with limited technical expertise as it relates to the product they are selling.  It is critical when considering new technology, to fully understand the entire current IT infrastructure at your business.  Not all technology is compatible, including software which not only has specific hardware that it will only work on but also a version of that hardware.  Sun Digital has a proven methodology that ensures a smooth transition with minimal downtime to your business.

The Sun Digital Technology Planning Methodology:

  1. Mapping our the current IT infrastructure
  2. Gathering requirements of features the business wants to add
  3. Technology recommendations that enable the functionality
  4. Planning for the technology additional
  5. Deployment or integration of new technology.

The Sun Digital Technology planning methodology, also provides businesses with a map for managing the life-cycle of their current IT infrastructure. Proactive planning ensures a seamless transition from old to new equipment and minimizes a company’s risk for downtime.  Put our knowledge to work for you! Sun Digital has helped hundreds of small and medium sized  businesses with IT solutions for over 17 years in the Ocala, Gainesville and Central Florida area.