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IT Consulting

Expert IT Consulting Services & Technology Support To Help Your Business Run Smoothly

Most small and medium sized companies do not have the budget to hire full time experts for IT support. If you are one of the few to have a full time IT person, it’s likely that person does not have all the skills or expertise for  every situation the business may require.

IT Consulting Support & IT Outsourcing For Ocala Gainesville and Central FLIT Consulting Services encompass a broad spectrum of computer based functions for supporting a business. These services include: the set-up and maintenance of networks, servers and computers. It also includes the configuration of databases, email accounts and other software.  For example, if your IT person’s primary skill is configuring desktops, they may not have the qualifications/knowledge to set up a complex network or server.

Businesses are relying more and more on Technology to help them run more efficiently and there are considerable risks to your when the technology in not working properly or at all.  Such as, the inability to communicate with customers, suppliers or internally when email goes down. This can not only cause frustration but also the loss of revenue and your creditability as a stable business.

The IT Consulting Services Offered are:

Sun Digital has an entire team of certified technicians who can come onsite and solve your IT problems or supplement your current IT staff for area’s in which they need expert advice.  After all, this is your business! Don’t trust something critical to your business to someone or company who is not an expert or been in the IT business for a significant period of time.  IT companies come and go! Sun Digital has a proven track record of providing IT consulting services to businesses in the Ocala, Gainesville and Central Florida area for 17 years.

Our consultants carry various certifications such as A+, Microsoft, HIPAA and Green IT. What this means for your business is that Sun Digital can help reduce the risks to your IT system and therefore reduce the risks involved in operating your business.

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