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Backup & Disaster Recovery

A Data Backup and Disaster Recovery Plan Is An Insurance Policy For Your Data.

Is your company’s data protected if a catastrophic disaster were to occur? Can you run your business without your data?

Back Up And Disaster Recovery In Ocala FLoridaA data backup and data recovery plan is a critical factor in determining whether your business survives a disaster! Whether it is a hurricane, fire or virus that has attacked your business, having a backup and data recovery plan is essential to bringing your system back online quickly. Your data is a quantifiable asset, just like a building, equipment, or inventory and just like you would have insurance for physical assets the “insurance” for your data is a solid backup and disaster recovery plan.

In the past  backups were done by making copies via physical tape or other media (CD/DVD) and either stored in a physical location on-site at your business or off-site at a storage facility. Which is reliant on the “human” factor of a person physically changing tapes or CD’s but what happens if that person is sick or forgets? The answer is simple, your business in now at risk.

Sun Digital eliminates data loss risk for businesses by using a state of the art backup system previously enjoyed by only Fortune 500 companies. In addition, the Sun Digital wholly owned and operated data center has built in redundancy for off-site data storage and backup power supply.  In the event of a catastrophic disaster, such as a hurricane, fire or flood, Sun Digital customers can be back online in a matter of hours versus days or weeks with physical data storage.

With the Sun Digital secure remote backup solution,  small and medium sized businesses in Ocala, Gainesville and all over Central Florida, can have peace of mind that their data is protected 24/7/365. Start protecting all of your company’s assets today!

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