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How Is Server Redundancy Easier In The Cloud?

How Is Server Redundancy Easier In The Cloud?

Many times Sun Digital is asked “how does server redundancy work in the cloud” and “is it easier to ensure our IT systems have not down time?”  This is usually asked by an IT person but there is a benefit to IT, as well as to the overall business and owner

First, what is redundancy for those of you non-IT people? According to PC magazine redundancy is having a secondary peripheral, computer system or network device that takes over when the primary unit fails. There are benefits and drawbacks of redundancy solution for both traditional servers v. the Cloud, here are.

Redundant cluster-Benefits Redundant cluster-Drawback
Data privacy Expensive
Full control on software/hardware Major hardware crash on multiple servers would result in a lot of downtime
True redundancy and virtually zero downtime Complex and long to deploy
Better performance with premium hardware


Cloud Redundancy-Benefits Cloud Redundancy-Drawback
Relatively cheap Performance capped, generally slower than a premium cluster
Little to zero downtime with a proper fail-over installed Data privacy
Scalable No zero downtime possible
Instant or fast deployment

Its great to know what your options are but the fact is, that most small and medium sized businesses (prior to the cloud) had no true redundancy solution deployed because of the expense and complex nature of such a solution. With Cloud Solution technology, the world of redundancy has changed and is in a sense built in to the technology itself.

For the IT person this means IF something happens to the server it does not take days or weeks to bring IT systems back online.

For the business owner (and IT), they have a cost effective technology solution that keeps their business up and running 100% of the time, which equals no loss in revenue or employee productivity.

Sun Digital has been helping businesses keep their business up and running with our cloud solutions and we can help you too.

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