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Hosted Cloud Solutions

Never Buy Hardware Again With Hosted Cloud Solutions!

Hosted Cloud Solution Diagram

What is a hosted cloud solution?  Simply put it is accessing your IT System, data or applications through an internet connection rather than on your local desktop, laptop or server. The benefit to a business is accessibility anytime, anywhere and from any devise. Additionally, hosted cloud solutions allow businesses to cut and/or balance IT overhead expenses by eliminating current on-site servers or the need for future on-site servers. Hosted cloud solutions are priced on a per usage model, which allows for consistent and balanced IT expenses month after month.

With our data backup and redundancy planning, in most situations, your data and IT systems are more secure than they are currently onsite at your business.

Not all Cloud Solutions and providers are the same, experience is what counts here.  After all, this is your business we are talking about. All of our hosted cloud solutions come with full IT support from Sun Digital’s certified staff.

Sun Digital has been helping small and medium sized businesses with Cloud Solutions since its emergence into the commercial market more than 5 years ago. All of our staff has hands-on experience in developing multiple cloud environments for some of Central Florida’s largest and most complex IT systems. In the Sun Digital Cloud planning and methodology, we create a cloud solutions roadmap, that helps you understand and plan what parts of your IT systems or applications are best suited for the cloud.  It also, aligns your businesses budget, time and internal resources needed to assure a smooth transfer into the Cloud.

Still not sure if cloud solutions are right for your business, call Sun Digital for a complimentary cloud consultation.

Do you still have questions on Cloud Solutions? See our Cloud FAQ’s that review in detail the top questions the Sun Digital team hears from business owners.