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Green IT

Green IT Is Good For Business & The Environment

Green IT Technology Lifecycle Planning

Going Green with your IT may be the last thing you think of when it comes to technology planning. This is until you have a stockpile of retired electronic equipment taking up space in your office.  This is typically when we get a phone call, asking for advice on how to responsibly get rid of retired and unwanted electronic equipment.  As a Green IT certified company, we advise clients in not only in electronics recycling but in various other ways businesses can go green, along with reducing IT costs.

Going Green with your IT encompasses more than just electronics recycling; it is also reducing your IT carbon footprint. This can be done by eliminating the amount of energy needed to run and cool your data center with a hosted cloud solution.

Other ways to go green with you technology, is with desktop virtualization. When businesses are using a hosted cloud solution, typical desktop workstations are not necessary.  Business can then replace workstations as they come to their end of life and with energy efficient “dumb” terminals or Thin Clients at a lower cost. In addition to lowering the energy cost of supporting large workstations, desktop virtualization, also creates greater mobility and increased productivity for businesses.

There are many other surprising ways businesses can go green with their technology and still cut IT costs at the same time.

Sun Digital has the only certified Green IT consultants in the Ocala, Gainesville and Central Florida area. With our help, small and medium sized companies have achieved significant reductions in IT cost. There are many ways your business can become environmentally conscience, as well as reducing IT costs when it comes to Green IT!

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See how Sun Digital has been helping the environment and our local community with hosting electronics recycling charity events.

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