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Cloud Solutions

Cloud Solutions Save Business Time, Money And Aggravation

Hosted Cloud_vs_On Premises Diagram

Cloud solutions can help your business save time, money and create a more efficient staff.
There is a lot of hype around the “Cloud”, so how do cloud solutions apply to your small or medium sized business?

With a Hosted Cloud Solution there is no need to invest another dime into buying new computer hardware or servers for your business.  Moving  your IT system and applications into the Sun Digital Cloud offers businesses the usage of the newest technology, without the burden of a large upfront capital investment.

Cloud solutions help employee’s work together. By moving critical business applications into the cloud, it can offer substantial business advantages with automating processes, improving data accuracy, and better visibility and collaboration between teams. For example, by tying your organization’s on-premise financial system to your cloud-based sales application, there are no more duplicate data entries and everybody  from sales to finance has the same view of a customer account.

Cloud Solutions allow you  access to data anytime, anywhere and from any device. When your IT system and applications reside in the cloud, it is always accessible through an internet connection to everyone within your organization.

Sun Digital has been providing small and medium sized businesses in the Ocala, Gainesville and Central Florida area with Cloud Solutions, since its immersion into the commercial market, over 5 years ago. All of our staff has hands-on experience in developing multiple cloud environments for some of the areas largest and most complex IT systems. We can help you determine the right Cloud Solution for your business. Let Sun Digital help your business become more efficient and save money with our Hosted Cloud Solution.

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