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3 Situations When a Business Should Consider Moving Into The Cloud

3 Situations When a Business Should Consider Moving Into The Cloud

Quite often business owners will ask Sun Digital “When should we consider moving into the cloud?” There are three optimum scenarios where moving into a cloud solution is clearly the best and most cost effective choice for small and medium sized businesses.

First, is when you start a new business and  have no technology infrastructure. Before hosted cloud solutions were readily available, in order for a business to get an office set up with email, business applications and IT infrastructure like servers, it would cost around $10K for the minimum technology needed.  With Hosted Cloud Solutions, there is no up front investment in servers and other back bone infrastructure.  Hosted Cloud Solutions present a flat monthly rate and provide businesses with the same top of the line technology a large company would have.

The second scenario is when your current IT equipment is at or approaching its End of Life.  Typically, servers last between 5-6 years and workstations around 3 years.  As stated in the first scenario, prior to cloud solutions a business would have to make a large capital investment to replace old IT equipment.

The third scenario when a business should consider moving to a cloud solution is when they want to stabilize their expenses.  With a hosted cloud solution by Sun Digital there is one flat monthly cost, which is proportional to your business.  Meaning, if you only have three employee’s you only pay a monthly fee for that amount of technology to support those three employees.  In a traditional IT environment, like in the first scenario a three person business is still going to have to invest $10K into technology, only utilizing a fraction of the technologies capabilities.

If you are considering Cloud Solutions for your business, Sun Digital can help.  Please call us at 352-369-9600 for a free consultation.

For other FAQ’s about the cloud please visit Sun Digital Cloud FAQ’s.

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